Memories of an Angel


The other day I was walking to class with my room mate and came across a red cardinal and I had to stop. This cardinal represents so much from the town I am from. Long story short this cardinal represents a ten year old girl that passed away in the community. Her name was Halle Henderson and she touched the lives of hundreds, probably thousands of people. She had a really bad case of the flu and her body completely shut down. While she was in the hospital everyone throughout the community wore red, because this was her favorite color.She passed away right after her 10th birthday on the morning of April 5th, 2013. Halle was a firm believer in Christ and always was spreading the word to her fellow classmates. Within the first couple weeks of precious Halle’s death the community hung red ribbons on their mailboxes in support of her family, but also through they weeks they saw red cardinals which always came as a symbol that their little girl was their with them. So when I saw this baby cardinal I immediately thought of home, I got a little home sick and missed home but then it also reminded me the progress I am making from being off at school. Made me think that things are changing, I’m growing and finding my self, even if though I may not be in my hometown,home will always be with me.


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